About Randy

My Health Issues

Diabetes has plagued and lurked in my family blood line for generations and is like a tree with many branches of complications.  It caused diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma in both eyes ruining the optic nerve, and consequently stole my sight in 2006. I have heart disease/ hypertension which caused open heart triple bypass surgery in 2007.  Kidney disease contributed to my swelling up like a helium blimp from the waist down and neuropathy that has my fingers, toes and once very tender ticklish feet now numb to the touch. I am messed up, tore up from the floor up! Despite all of that I am STILL STANDING. Hallelujah!  Since it didn’t kill me, I must allow it to make me stronger and wiser. 

RJPMotivation was born due to my health ordeal, experience and reality.

The motivational experiences of the health ordeal and recuperation as related in the MTL oration seem to trump and have priority over other realities in his life.  But let’s not forget.

His Background and Bio

Randy J. Phifer was born 17 March 1958 and raised in JAMAICA, New York, with his mother, grandmother and stepfather.  He visited his father, who taught him to play chess at 8 years old, and grandparents in Harlem many weekends in his life. 

He attended J.H.S. 217 in Queens, where he played varsity baseball, basketball and handball.  Architectural drafting was his major at Manhattan Vocational & Technical High School.  In 1976, still pursuing architecture, he journeyed to Jefferson City, Missouri to Lincoln University, where he played baseball, chess, was freshman and sophomore class Presidents and SGA Parliamentarian, as well as a stage Crafter. Ultimately, Randy enjoyed a 29 year architectural design and construction inspection career that also included 18 years of selling Hague whole house water filtration systems.

Member of:

National Federation of the Blind  (NFB)

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church


Now that diabetes ravages his body, it encourages him to eloquently and generously share his spirit and story.